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Will children and grandchildren have to stay with the parents
by Joseph Hricovec

This will be the first generation of children who are poorer than their parents. 

A generation that cannot afford to buy their own place to live, because there are not enough houses being built and as a result house prices are unaffordable.

Will the next generation be hostage to the landlords of tomorrow?

House prices rise due to the fact there are more buyers than there are houses or flats. It is a simple supply and demand factor. Hence we have to build more housing not only to house the growing population but

also to reduce house price inflation such that they remain affordable. The only other option for the upcoming generation is to rent their living place. This will leave them in the mercy of future landlords, who will be able to control rental prices

pushing them higher then ever. Ultimately, this will make the rich richer and the remaining population unable to afford their own house.

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