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Sustainable smart pen

“Smart pen for smart designing.”

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We love fountain pens. They are elegant and fun to write and draw with; that ink stroke and gesture you get from such an old-school pen technology is extremely satisfying and smooth. There are plenty of different nibs you can use to get the stroke you are looking for. Why the fountain pen? – We love the way the ink pours, it is pure harmony!!

Add some yellow into this grey world!

We want to create a permanent, techy version of the fountain pen concept. We have upgraded the elegant art tool with a durable, bold design that is comfortable to hold and free your creativity. The screw connections give a firm grip to the pen as well as adding to its structure. Holding and drawing with the pentagon block is very comfortable and is a desired must.


The pen features a click bluetooth button on top of the barrel which you can use to control your electronic devices from even to turn on your smart TV! The button is multi functional – you can play or pause your music, skip to the next, turn on/off your electronics, or simply relax by pushing The Button!

[RECHARGABLE – A sustainable solution to energy and plastic demand]
Sustainability is our highest priority in everything we do. We strive to make the difference! PEN PB uses recycled/recyclable plastics to 3d-print the body to create a non-disposable pen that all you need to replace is the ink cartridge.

The design is minimal – It is a pentagon brick that twists open to reveal its full potential (something like Pikachu). The pen comes in four parts; Lid, Section, and Barrel, and a replaceable ink cartridge/ni being very easy to replace. The pen is washable, durable and comfortable.
A bluetooth button charger and the attachable button module.

We have a passion for creating new ways to draw. With your support, we want to get this pen into your hands as soon as possible to create new ways of drawing!