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If & Only If Watch

“Great design, doesn’t have to cost an arm or a leg.”

“An Upcycled nurses fob watch, covered in a hand made walnut casing, making it a thing of beauty”

IFF is the mathematical symbol for if & only if. The band itself was born our of given people, well designed products, and incredibly made objects at a reasonably price. If and only if, I could source locally manufactured goods with design.

Envisioned to make a difference and to be remarkable. The Iff watch has been designed around a nurses fob watch, often discarded, chucked and thrown away, when batteries dies, as it is cheaper to buy a new mechanism that to replace the batteries. The Tokyo face has been stripped bare, and re-cased with walnut, and a new replaceable strap.

The Beacon represents a solution to international agendas that extend far beyond the UK housing and construction sector to address global health, economics and energy poverty concerns. Such agendas have become a global issue which impacts upon every man, woman and child on the planet. Our vision is to deliver on these issues and evoke a change throughout the globe.

Available to buy soon from our shop