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Mason’s Avenue

Redevelopment of a gated secure yard behind terraced flats with two large single storey outbuildings at the base of the yard adjacent to a large 12m high warehouse. The development is a proposed 3 storey building to provide luxury HMOs with high quality features

This development build relationships with local community lead facilities and encourage, the local youth centre/ communal areas to work with them through COHO. This development will aim to make COHO the new industry standard for temporary living, with a focus on lifestyle, community spirit and a healthy attitude to low cost high quality housing stock. COHO will be the benchmark from hence fourth of what HMO spaces should be throughout the country. The development would provide a high quality design and quality of accommodation for the occupiers whilst ensuring that the extensions are not at all overbearing but sympathetic to the existing property.

Gross Development Value

£ Undisclosed

Contract Value

£ Undisclosed

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