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“Outline Application to provide quality housing for quality living.”

The project is a modern residential house. There are two Dwellinghouses adjacent to each other. The home features a double garage, first floor consisting of 3 bedrooms with the master bedroom with an ensuite and walk-in-wardrobe and a view to the terrace garden the other 2 bedrooms having a common bathroom. The staircase passage leads to the roof garden, sloping to drain rainwater from the planters. The sloping roof design allows for the grey water to be recycled and used for the vegetable roof garden. The garden is built with planter boxes which can be used to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs. The terrace space acts as a recreational space and in a small way contributes to the environment, A medium depth planting system (soil depth of 4″ to 8″) where recommended plants include sedums, herbs, grasses and other vegetation which can grow in this depth of media. The construction of the 2 modern houses include wood constructed sip panels being assembled on site.

Gross Development Value

£ Undisclosed

Contract Value

£ Undisclosed

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