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The term “purse” originally referred to a small bag for holding coins. In many English-speaking countries it is still used to refer to a small money bag. A “handbag” is a larger accessory that holds objects beyond currency, such as personal items. American English typically uses the terms purse and handbag interchangeably. The term handbag began appearing in the early 1900s. Initially, it was most often used to refer to men’s hand-luggage. Women’s bags grew larger and more complex during this period, and the term was attached to the accessory.



Leather satchels have a long tradition. In the past, school bags were almost entirely made from leather. In the 1970s, colourful synthetic satchels came into fashion. There is still an attractive range of genuine leather bags. Leather satchels are usually made of firm, thick cow leather. The leather is vegetable-tanned. Historically, school satchels were inspired by soldiers’ satchels.

The teacher’s bag is traditionally made of leather and has been much less replaced by synthetic materials.

Leather briefcases have a long tradition. From the small ones to the pilot’s case, there are infinite varieties. Like the satchel, they are mostly made from robust cow leather but soft goatskin is also used.

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