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Our clients come to us mostly to ‘improve’ their homes. This can be done through internal reconfigurations, home extensions, facade amendments etc. Our philosophy of place making drives our intent in order to provide well articulated spaces suitable for the family . We customise each home with personality, and consider each client’s lifestyle. We make it our priority to design memorable spaces so that the home can be home. 


We are in contact with various local authorities around the UK, particularly the Hertfordshire and Greater London councils. We offer our planning and management services because we understand how the planning game works! From our experiences of applying for large scale funded developments we understand the planning process from the large scale and from simple home extensions. We are confident to assist our clients with any planning queries they may have. 


Our Portfolio highlights our very own land/residential developments. We pride in our ability to successfully design, visualise and apply for planning for developmental projects. We offer 10 years of knowledge in the architectural field and can advise our clients the steps and risks to undertaking their own development whether it is land or an existing residential building. 


Yellow Studio assists with SME businesses looking to remodel within the existing building. We can offer designs and visual render packages as well as applying for change of class use for the new business (if needed). We can help businesses start up and get connected with the local community through design process/ style.


Some homes do not have a record of the building’s layout, here at Yellow Studio we offer building surveys in order to draw accurate floor plans for the client’s use. We offer our services to local real-estate agents for them to represent homes when listing them for property buyers. 


We are often asked by our clients if a project is “do-able”. And often we find that someone is asking because it may not be. Our consultation and feasibility studies are comprehensive and informative and will enable our clients to make a decision regarding their project. We dive into the different risk factors and obstacles the client might face as well as develop strategic plans for a project before an extensive design and application fee is invested.